Optum's Premium EAP, Emotional Wellbeing Solutions: Client FAQs

What is Optum’s Premium Employee Assistance Program (EAP), Emotional Wellbeing Solutions?

Emotional Wellbeing Solutions is a premium employee assistance program offered by Optum. Like traditional employee assistance programs (EAPs), Emotional Wellbeing Solutions fully covers short-term, confidential therapy sessions for participating employees. 

As a premium offering, Emotional Wellbeing Solutions also gives participants dedicated access to Alma’s provider directory through Optum’s website, for a streamlined experience to connect with a great therapist quickly. 

Why use Emotional Wellbeing Solutions benefits?

  • Emotional Wellbeing Solutions offers the value of other EAPs — 3-10 fully covered sessions with no copay or coinsurance for a specific set of covered mental health services — while making it easier to find an available provider who takes your benefits. 

  • While typical EAPs require a client authorization code from the client’s health plan, Optum and Alma have worked together to share the authorization code digitally through our platforms.

    This means that any therapist you find through Optum’s Emotional Wellbeing Solutions program will automatically be approved for coverage of short-term care. 

If you and your provider choose to continue care beyond the sessions covered by Emotional Wellbeing Solutions, you can still submit your insurance details to Alma’s portal for additional verification. You can review this article for more information: Continuing Care Beyond Your EAP Benefits.

Who is eligible to use Emotional Wellbeing Solution benefits? 

To take part in this program, clients must be currently employed at an organization that offers Emotional Wellbeing Solutions as a benefit. You can ask your employer’s HR representative to confirm whether this program is available to you.

Who can you reach out to for help with your Emotional Wellbeing Solution benefits?

You can reach out to Optum directly by creating a member profile on their website and contacting their Support team. Their website is: https://www.liveandworkwell.com/.

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