Paying Your Invoices: Acceptable Forms of Payment


If you are using your insurance to cover services with an Alma provider, and your insurance carrier has confirmed you owe a payment responsibility, Alma will automatically send you an invoice for that predetermined payment responsibility after each session. Alma bases this invoice on the most recent eligibility check we have completed for your health plan. You can find more information on eligibility in Understanding your in-network coverage.

Alma Invoices

When your provider uses the Alma platform for their insurance billing, if they collect payments outside of the Alma platform, then this can cause a discrepancy in invoice reminders and how we confirm the correct payment responsibility with your insurance carrier. To pay for your sessions with an Alma provider, please pay directly through the invoice link you receive from Alma via email. If your provider collects payment outside of the Alma portal, you will continue to receive invoice reminders via Alma as these cannot be turned off. You should always pay your Alma invoices via the email sent directly from Alma to make sure that your visits are in-network.

Alma invoices must be paid directly using a credit or debit card. Depending on your provider’s practice policies, you may pay each invoice individually or enroll in autopay. You may also use an FSA or HSA debit card; however, these cards cannot be enrolled in autopay

While there are a variety of ways to pay for behavioral health sessions, Alma does have some limitations:


Alma is not currently set up to manage payments made outside of our platform and cannot accept and process paper checks. We cannot receive mail at our Alma offices, and so we are unable to collect any checks mailed there. This includes both personal checks and check payments from FSAs, HSAs, or HRAs.  

If your benefit plan exclusively issues physical checks for payment, you may still be able to use a personal credit or debit card to pay your Alma invoices and then submit your receipts to your health plan for reimbursement. For more details, review our Support Center article on FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs

Employee Assistance Programs (EAPs)

The Alma insurance program is in-network with both Optum Live & Work Well Employee Assistance Program (EAP) and Optum Emotional Wellbeing Solutions (a premium EAP experience).

You can find more information about what EAPs are and how to use them at Alma here: Getting the most out of your EAP visits.

You can also find more specific information about the information you will need to gather to apply your EAP benefits to Alma sessions here: What you need for your first EAP visit

We are not currently in-network with any EAPs outside of Optum Live & Work Well or Emotional Wellbeing Solutions. 

Receiving payment from FSA, HSA, or HRA funds

You may be able to use your FSA, HSA, or HRAs benefits to get reimbursement for services with Alma. For more information on working with these benefits, see FSAs, HSAs, and HRAs

How to Pay Your Invoices

When your provider submits a claim or charges an out-of-pocket invoice for your session, you will receive an invoice via email from Alma. To pay for your Alma invoices, click the invoice link in the email and enter your phone number for verification. If your phone number does not work to open the invoice, contact your provider to update the phone number on your Alma profile.

If you have a single unpaid invoice, you will receive a prompt to enter your payment details for the amount owed. 

If you have multiple unpaid invoices, you will have the option to pay for the individual invoice for the most recent session, or all outstanding invoices at once. 

If there is a specific, past invoice you would like to pay (e.g., the oldest outstanding invoice), you can select the Details button on the right side of the invoice payment screen and choose the specific, individual invoice you would like to pay. You can then enter your card details and submit payment.

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