Claims Processing Delays

Why are my claims being delayed? Why have I not received an explanation of benefits for my sessions?

If your provider is new to Alma’s insurance program, you may experience an initial, one-time delay with your claims being processed by the insurance payer. This means even if you have seen your provider for multiple visits, your claims may not be processed yet.

Please be aware that this delay can also impact the time it takes to receive your explanation of benefits (EOBs). During this time, Alma will continue to send invoices for your sessions, but the payments you make to Alma will not be applied to your deductible until your claims are processed. These delays can be anywhere from 15-60 days depending on when your provider joined Alma. This occurs when your insurance carrier is still working to set up your provider’s demographic data and link them to Alma’s group contract in order for Alma to submit claims and have them processed in network.

If you believe that you are close to meeting or have met your deductible for this year, please complete this form so we can coordinate next steps with you.

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