Using the Alma Directory to Find a Provider


Providers at Alma are specialized to help with all types of concerns like anxiety, trauma, relationships, addiction, and more. Using Alma’s online directory allows you to find a provider who’s right for you based on your needs, your location, and your preferred insurance or payment method. Here you’ll find a helpful guide to navigating a provider’s profile so you can find the right match for care.

Getting Started

To get started, navigate to You can choose to “Browse the directory” and filter by the type of insurance you have, location, and service you’re seeking. You can also choose “Help me find care” and Alma will guide you to a selection of providers who fit what you’re looking for. 

Browse the Directory

What Type of Service?

There are many different types of services in which Alma providers specialize. Specific types of service may be more suited to your particular concern, or the type of care you feel would help you most.

Select the type of service you’re looking for between Therapy (ie. Individual Therapy, Medication Management), Coaching and Wellness (ie. Coaching, Acupuncture), and Other (ie. Reiki, Yoga). 

Which Insurance?

If you plan to use your insurance to pay for therapy, search for your insurance provider or select from the dropdown menu. See Insurances Partnered at Alma for a list of In-Network Insurance companies we work with. 

If you do not plan to use insurance, select None - I’ll pay out of pocket


Enter the city or ZIP Code where you’re located, or will be located during your sessions. Then choose your preference for session location: Virtual, In-Person, or a mix of both.

A note on location: A provider needs to be licensed in the state you’re located in when sessions are happening. Make sure to choose the appropriate state when searching for a provider!

Once you’ve entered your search criteria, click See Therapists. 

Search Results

On the Search Results page, you’ll see a list of providers in your area who fit your search criteria, as well as the provider’s bio. Narrow your search results further by filtering by Provider Identity, Specialty, Session Availability, Language, and Therapeutic Approach

Providers who meet your search results.png

Click More Filters to select additional preferences, like Degree type and Ages Served.  

Some providers allow you to view their availability and self-schedule a consultation without needing to submit a Consultation Request. To view these providers first, check the Sort by consultation availability box at the top of the page.

Arrow pointing to button to

If a provider offers consultation self-scheduling, you can click Book a consultation and select the time that works best for you for a 15-minute consultation. If a provider does not offer self-scheduling, select Request a consultation and the provider will reach out to you to schedule a 15-minute consultation. Click View profile for more specific details about the provider, including their specialities and the types of payment they accept. 

Once you've booked or requested a consultation, see What to Expect After You Request a Consultation and Tips for Consultation Calls to prepare for your upcoming appointment. 

“Help me find care”

For additional guidance in finding the right provider for you, begin by clicking Help me find care. Select the type of care you’re looking for; you can choose individual therapy, couples therapy, medication management, child or adolescent therapy, or family therapy.

Provider Directory Landing Page beginning from

Then choose an option from the drop-down menu, What would you like to focus on with your provider? To find the right provider for you, we recommend selecting up to three areas of focus, but you can choose as many or as few as you need. 

Drop-down menu to select

Then, choose What approach would you like your provider to take during your sessions? This is where you can choose the form of treatment you feel will best suit your needs. Some of the most popular options are cognitive behavioral therapy, and insight-oriented therapies. You can also find trauma-focused, humanistic, mindfulness-based, and body-focused therapies. If you’re unsure what type of treatment would be right for you, select I’m not sure yet, and your provider well help you find the best approach for care. 

Do you have any preferences when it comes to your provider's identity? If you would like to connect with a provider who identifies as a specific faith, gender identity, race or ethnicity, or sexuality. You can select as many identifiers as you would like, and the Alma directory will add an additional question and menu for each. 

How would you prefer to meet with your provider? You can select virtual sessions, in-person sessions, or no preference.

Where are you located? Enter your zip code. This will show you providers who are licensed to provider care in the state where you are located. 

How are you planning to pay? Choose if you will be paying with insurance or EAP coverage, or out-of-pocket.

Who is your insurance provider? If you are paying with insurance or EAP coverage, choose your insurance carrier or EAP program from the drop-down menu. This will guide you to providers who are in-network with your insurance carrier. 

Review your results. When you’ve found a provider who seems like a good fit, you can schedule a consultation from their profile. 

Reviewing a Provider Profile

Once you’ve clicked on a provider profile to learn more, before requesting or scheduling a consultation, review their profile to determine if their form of care would be the best potential fit for your needs.

Beyond checking the location, accepted insurances, licensure and credentials of a provider, be sure to read their bio! 

Provider details including Expertise, and cost estimates.png

A provider’s bio answers the question “What can I expect from working with this provider?”

Provider profile example.png

Most providers will also include questions and answers to help you learn more about them.

Provider bio, additional questions and answers.png

Once you feel you have found a provider who might be right for you, click Book Consultation, enter the required information, and if the provider accepts your request, you may receive an email notification from Alma (it is up to the provider to choose whether or not to send this notification). You can expect to receive a direct message (text or email) from the provider within 2–3 business days to schedule a time for the consultation. 

We encourage our providers to respond to consultation requests within 2–3 business days. Feel free to browse the directory and submit more than one request. Learn more about what to expect after you request a consultation

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