The Client Portal

Alma’s Client Portal allows you to add and update your insurance details, enroll in autopay, review and sign your provider’s practices, practice policies and intake forms, as well as complete any assessments your provider may request that you complete.

Please note: The ability to invite clients to create a client portal account is a limited feature. It is not yet available to all providers. This feature will be made available to all providers and their clients in the coming months. 

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Activating Your Account

When your provider requests any intake information, such as a signature on their informed consent policy form, or completion of any assessment, you will receive an email invitation to create an Alma client portal account. Click ‘Create Account’ to begin; this link expires 5 days from the time the invitation was sent. 

Once you click ‘Create account’ a pop-up window will open, requesting that you create a password and confirming that you agree to our privacy policy, terms of service, and receipt of electronic notifications. 

After setting your client portal password, Alma will send an email to the same address where you received your client portal invite, asking you to verify your email address. This link expires in 1 day. Email verification is required to access the client portal. 

After you’ve set your password and verified your email, you will receive an additional email confirming your ‘username’ which is your email address, giving you a direct link to the client portal, and asking if you would like to set up 2-factor authentication.

Accessing the Portal

To access the Alma client portal, visit We recommend bookmarking this link for easy access whenever you may need to update your information. 

Adding and Updating Your Insurance Details

If you’re adding your insurance details for the first time, you’ll be prompted in the ‘Tasks to Complete’ list on the Alma client portal homepage. Next to ‘Add Your Insurance Details’ click ‘Start.’

If you need to update your existing insurance details, click the pencil icon in the ‘Insurance’ box on the Alma client portal homepage. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Update Insurance’ as shown below.

Enrolling in autopay

If you’re enrolling in autopay for the first time, you’ll be prompted in the ‘Tasks to Complete’ list on the Alma client portal homepage. Next to ‘Enroll in autopay’ click ‘Start.’

If you need to update the credit or debit card on file for autopay, click the pencil icon in the ‘autopay’ box on the Alma client portal homepage. From the drop-down menu, select ‘Update credit card’ or ‘Unenroll’ as shown below. 

Reviewing and Signing Intake Forms

If your provider has requested you to review and sign any intake forms, these will also appear on the client portal homepage as shown above. Next to ‘Read and sign consent forms’ click ‘Start.’

From here you’ll be able to select, read, and sign individual consent forms requested by your provider.

Completing Assessments

Your provider may request that you complete clinical mental health assessments as part of your intake or regular sessions. The request to complete any of these assessments will appear under ‘Tasks to Complete’ on the homepage. Next to ‘Take depression assessment’ or ‘Take Anxiety Assessment,’ click ‘Start.’

Your provider will be sent your results. You will not be able to review or edit your results once the assessment is complete.

Password Reset and Two-Factor Authentication

If you need to resest your password, click the ‘Profile’ dropdown menu in the client portal and select ‘Settings.’ From the menu on the left-hand side of the screen, click ‘Account and Security.’

Click ‘Change password’ to create a new password for your client portal login.

You can also choose to enable 2-factor authentication. This is an enhanced security feature that would require you to approve the client portal sign-in by using an authenticator app or receiving a code via text message.

Updating Your Email

Before the introduction of the Alma client portal, clients could request that their provider update their email address on their behalf. To prevent portal access issues, providers can no longer edit their client’s email address.

If you need to update the email address associated with your Alma profile and client portal account please reach out to us at to further assist.


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