Adding Your Insurance Details to the Alma Portal

Once you decide to see your new Alma provider for care, they can email you a link to create an Alma client portal account and enter your insurance information. The following video covers requesting, filling out, and submitting Alma's Insurance Information Link so that our team can proceed with reviewing your insurance details for eligibility

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Under Alma’s insurance program, we verify your eligibility and payment responsibility on your behalf. It’s crucial that you provide Alma with the most accurate and up-to-date information to ensure that we can stay on top of eligibility, payment responsibility, and proper claim submission. Your estimated copay is based on the information your insurance carrier shares with us.

Here you’ll find a step-by-step guide on how to enter your insurance information into the Alma portal, as well as some helpful tips on locating all of your necessary insurance details! 

How to Add Insurance Information

Before your first session, you’ll receive an email from Alma with a link inviting  you to create a client portal account enter your insurance information. You can find the full guide on creating your portal account and adding/updating your insurance details here in our Support Center. You can also find a full video guide at the top of this article. 

Step 1 - Basic Information

Enter your name, date of birth, and sex* exactly as they appear on your insurance card. 

If you are filling out insurance details on someone else’s behalf, enter the name, date of birth, and sex of the person seeking care. 

*We are committed to gender inclusivity throughout the experience of finding and seeing a provider on Alma’s platform, and we understand that the selections for “sex” do not capture the broad range of gender expression. However, “sex” is a required field on the insurance claims your provider files on your behalf. 

Step 2 - Insurance Details

You’ll then be asked to enter in the specifics of your insurance details. Again, these details should be filled out for the person seeking care. 

  • Insurance Provider
  • Member ID and Group Number (See Locating Member ID and Group Number below for tips on where to find these details on your insurance card)
  • The Address on file with your insurance company 


Step 3 - Add an Insurance Card

Upload a photo of the front and back of your insurance card. Please note that this is required for all Cigna and Blue Cross Blue Shield plans, and is strongly encouraged for all health plans. Photos can help our team verify benefits, file claims, and troubleshoot any insurance issues that may come up. 

Step 4 - Insurance Policy Holder

Here, you’ll be asked to indicate whether you are the policy holder (i.e., you have health insurance, either a self-paid plan or through your employer) or if you are a dependent (i.e., you have health insurance through a guardian, spouse, etc.). If you are a dependent, you’ll be asked to enter the policy holder’s full name and date of birth in the next step. 

This information is incredibly important in helping the Alma team ensure that claims are filed accurately.  


Step 5 - Policy Holder Information

If you selected No, [the person seeking care] is covered under someone else’s insurance in the previous step, you’ll be asked to enter the following information for the policy holder. 

  • First name
  • Last name
  • Date of birth

Step 6 - Review Insurance Information

In the final step, you’ll be asked to review the insurance information you entered to make sure everything looks correct. When you’re done, check the box at the bottom to verify that the insurance details provided are accurate to the best of your knowledge, and select “Submit information.” 

Updating Your Insurance Information

If your insurance plan has changed, you will need to update them through Alma so our team can review and confirm eligibility for your provider’s care. To update your insurance details, contact your provider directly and they will send you a link to add your insurance details, or update them through the Alma portal on your behalf. 

Selecting the Correct Insurance Company

It’s important to enter the correct insurance payer when adding a your insurance details to ensure that Alma can confirm active coverage and is submitting claims to the correct insurance payer. For example, on the insurance card below, you’d select “Oxford” as the insurance company, not United Healthcare.

Locating Member ID and Group Number

Some insurance cards contain multiple ID numbers. In order to verify benefits, Alma needs to collect the member ID and group number. Without the correct information, we will not be able to pull up an active policy.

Our system requires six (6) characters to be entered into the “Group Number” field. If the group number is fewer or more than six (6) characters, or if no group number is listed, enter “XXXXXX” and our team will update this field when checking eligibility.

Additionally, if a member ID, full name, or date of birth is entered incorrectly, we may not be able to properly identify your insurance policy.


On the sample Aetna insurance card below, the Group Number (GRP#) is 866081-030-00001, the first six (6) digits of which you’ll enter in the Alma portal. The "ID," referred to as “Member ID" within the Alma portal, is W213769935.


On the sample Cigna insurance card below, the Group Number (Group) is 00699999. The "ID," referred to as “Member ID" within the Alma portal, is 122222222. 


Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield (formerly Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield)

On the sample Anthem Blue and Cross Blue Shield insurance card below, the Member ID is ETRBJ1234567, and the Group Number (Group No) is 720902MF2A. 


Empire Blue Cross Blue Shield changed its name to Anthem Blue Cross and Blue Shield as of 1/1/2024. Your insurance card may still appear as the image above.

Optum (United HealthCare)

On the sample United Healthcare insurance card below, the Member ID is 123456789, and the Group Number is 98765. Please note that Member ID is referred to as “Member ID” within the Alma portal. “Health Plan” should be disregarded.

On the sample UMR insurance card below, the Member ID is 123456789, and the Group Number is 76-123456. Please note that the Member ID is referred to as “Member ID” within the Alma portal. “Issuer” should be disregarded.


On the Oscar insurance card below, the Oscar ID starting with "OSC" corresponds to “Member ID” in the Alma portal. If the group number is not listed on the insurance ID card, you can find this on past bills from Oscar or within Oscar's online portal under the account information section. If you are unable to locate this number, enter XXXXXX into the "Group Number" field in the Alma portal. Please note that this only applies to the Group Number, and that Alma will be unable to pull up your benefits without the Member ID.

UHC Student Resources

On the sample UHC Student Resources insurance card below, “SR ID#” corresponds to Member ID, referred to as "Member ID" within the Alma portal. "Policy #" is 2020-451-1, not the digits inside the parenthesis, and corresponds to "Group Number" within the Alma portal. 

Clients with United Healthcare Student Resources need to communicate the name of the college or university that administers their health plan to Alma. You can do this by uploading a photo of your insurance card when entering your insurance details or by emailing the institute’s name to


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